Travelling in Barbagia: 10 things not to miss out on

Orgosolo Murales Sardegna

Barbagia certainly represents the most authentic Sardinia. Just a few kilometres away, you can discover many villages with a wonderful charm, such as Gavoi, Ollolai, Mamoiada, Oliena, Orgosolo and Fonni, all nestled away in the perfect landscape for lovers of outdoor sports and hiking.
In a land so rich in terms of its history and environment, what things are not to be missed in Barbagia? We have chosen 10 attractions.

1- Isole delle Storie in Gavoi:

This is a literary festival that takes place in Gavoi during the first days of July, which is considered to be one of the most interesting and original ones among international festivals with an in-depth look at culture. Writers, journalists and musicians come together in the streets and houses of Gavoi, who during the event, become the real centrepieces.

2 – Archaeological site of Romanzesu

An archaeological site which covers approximately 7 hectares in Poddi Arvu (white poplar tree), in the highland cork forest of Sa Serra, about 13 km from Bitti, in the province of Nuoro.
It is one of the most important and cultural housing complexes in Nuragic Sardinia, with a hundred huts, five places of worship, a water well temple and a large ceremonial enclosure.

3 – Archaeological site of Madau

Surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Pratobello valley, the archaeological site of Madau is a necropolis of the graves of giants, including four burials amphitheatrically facing the rising sun.

4 – Su Gologone

A few kilometres from the village of Oliena, on the foot of Supramonte, is the source of Su Gologone; a vast karst system with clear mineral waters that flow into the river Cedrino, over the millennia carving their way through the rocks of the mountain.
An extraodinary place with incredible scenery.

5 – Cortes Apertas

Cortes Apertas or Autumn in Barbagia is an event that runs from September to December involving 27 towns within Sardinia which, every weekend, open their homes for a gastronomic and artistic journey.

6 – The Murals of Orgosolo

Started in 1969 by a Milanese anarchist group, the murals of Orgosolo depict history, politics, daily life, and especially tradition and Sardinia.

7 – A trip to Lake Gusana

Situated in Gavoi, Lake Gusana is a reservoir surrounded by the unique landscape of Sardinia, produced by damming the river Gusana.

8 – Il Monte Spada

It is a mountain in the Gennargentu mountain range, in Sardinia, near Fonni. With a height of 1595 m, it overlooks the plateau and surrounding areas, and features a ski resort in winter.

9 – Mamoiada Carnival

One of the most important folkloristic events in Sardinia during which you will see parades of the traditional masks of the Mamuthones and Issohadores.

10 – Lunch by the shepherds

A lunch with the shepherds will take you on a journey to discovering the most authentic flavours of Sardinia, in the sheep pens nestled in the middle of the forest.


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