The Taloro Restaurant

If you are looking for the real Sardinia, you need to come to Barbagia. If you are looking for the real flavour of Sardinia, you need to look for it in the local foods of this land. Here, as if in a hidden place in the mountains, the traditions and the conditions making them unique are maintained.
Able to meet any needs, theRestaurant Hotel Taloro combines traditional and international dishes that are refined yet simple at the same time. From the fresh pasta to the flavours of ancient Barbagia, we give priority to our own products. To do this, we respect the seasonality of the items that come from our land, from the mushrooms to wild herbs, cheeses, deli meats, pork, lamb and eels from the lake.

Our Specialities

  • “Pizzudos di Ovodda” with wild herbs
  • Cheese ravioli and ricotta pancakes
  • Deli meats and cheeses from Fonni
  • Tomato and ricotta salad
  • Porcini mushrooms for risotto and Calf meat

…and much more

Cooking for Coeliacs

Our kitchen staff are qualified in preparing dishes for coeliacs and people with intolerances. We are also equipped to accommodate for vegetarian customers by offering a wide range of choices.